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What is Ayurvedic cooking? Learn more about the balanced way of eating, designed to keep followers ‘full but energized.’

How To Make Divya Alter’s Cream Of Fennel Soup + Health Benefits

Comforting Fall Recipes to Balance Your Dosha

Ayurvedic Cooking Aims to Help You Achieve Holistic Wellness—Here’s How to Try This Ancient Practice

Want to Eat Better? It Might Be as As Simple as Following Ayurvedic Cooking

You May Have Heard Its Name, but What Exactly Is the Ayurvedic Diet?

6 Chefs Share Their Top Kitchen Essentials for Whipping Up Restaurant-Worthy Meals on a Time Crunch

The 6 Best Thermoses for Keeping Your Favorite Drinks Hot or Cold All Day Long

The 8 best vegan brunch spots in NYC

Food combining for vibrant health- a multi cuisine approach

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