Mom’s Super Spice Masala


This aromatic and delicious SV Ayurvedic blend of twenty-one spices is balancing for all mind and body types. Specifically, its mildly heating qualities stimulate Kapha and balance Vata while enhancing the digestive fire. While still appropriate for most Pitta types, it is best to avoid if Pitta is escalated and there is excess heat in the body.

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Sprinkle it on top of ready-made foods, or add it to a dish in the last 5 minutes of cooking. It may also be used as a regular spice blend for cooking and as a substitute to the popular Garam Masala. Add to any savory dish made with lentils, fresh cheese, grains, vegetables and more. Use up to a ½ teaspoon per serving.


Helps increase digestive fire. Tridoshic (balancing for everyone), though it’s best to avoid when Pitta is escalated.


coriander, cumin, turmeric, black pepper, pink pepper, white pepper, curry leaf, fenugreek, fennel, cinnamon tamala, cinnamon bark, green cardamom, ayurvedic sunthi ginger, clove, soma salt, mango turmeric, mace, cobra saffron, black cardamom, ajwain, kalonji.

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Jill ClaytonJill Clayton
One of my favorite spice blend

The spice blend is great… It’s the type that you put on at the end when you’re cooking something and it gives so much flavor to whatever I make. I’d like it so much I started sprinkling on the top of some of my simple cooking endeavors… Like on paneer or sweet potatoes, that are simply Friday and Ghee in the frying pan.