The Starter Kit (Dairy-free)

Know someone who would love Divya’s or Ayurveda? Start here.

With single servings of our vegan kitcharis and soups, The Starter Kit (DF) is perfect for quick 20-minute meals this holiday season. Our Sweet and Smoky Sauce (the ultimate Ayurvedic condiment) is easy to make and goes with everything. To top things off, we’ve included handmade chocolate bars with raw cacao, honey and healing herbs.

  • Complete meals in 20 minutes
  • Dairy free
  • Balancing for all body types


Included: 4oz Single Serve Balanced Kitchari, 4oz Single Serve Soothing Kitchari, 4oz Single Serve Bold Kitchari, 4oz Single Serve Warming Kitchari, 4oz Single Serve Split Mung Bean Soup, 4oz Single Serve Spicy Red Lentil Soup, Sweet and Smoky Sauce, Elements Rose with Cardamom Chocolate Bar, Elements Peppermint Lavender Chocolate Bar