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Ayurveda 101
Doshas Demystified

In this article, Divya demystifies the Ayurvedic concept of doshas. She explains that doshas help us understand our unique constitution, our present health imbalances and the foods we need to restore balance.

Ayurveda 101
An Ayurvedic Guide to Food Combining

In this article, Divya introduces the essential Ayurvedic principle of food combining. She teaches us that it’s not enough to choose healthy ingredients. True health requires us to select quality ingredients that, when combined in a meal, support strong and balanced digestion.

Ayurveda 101
Why Mindful Eating Matters

When was the last time you ate quietly, chewing slowly and truly savoring your food? In this article, Divya covers the importance of mindful eating and why poor eating habits can negatively affect your health.

In the Kitchen
Are Raw Foods Good For You?

Here at Divya’s, we’re often asked about Ayurveda’s perspective on raw foods. In this article, we talk about the pros and cons of eating raw dishes and snacks, how to enjoy them safely and when to avoid them altogether.

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