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Divya Alter’s First Ever Masterclasses

Learn from Divya herself as you master the secrets of her world-renowned healing recipes and Ayurvedic teachings.

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Transform your relationship with food

  • Discover the foundational skills, concepts and recipes of Ayurvedic Cooking
  • Transform your health in a way that’s personalized for your body type, goals and lifestyle
  • Learn to cook from scratch, follow recipes and equip your kitchen for ease and efficiency
  • Enjoy world-class culinary instruction on-demand and at your own pace
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What’s Included

  • Over 8 hours of guided video instruction in 5 modules
  • Comprehensive interactive workbooks as companions for each module
  • Additional tools for self-study including review quizzes, reflection questions and space for note-taking

$497 $197

60% DISC.

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Be in Divya’s kitchen, wherever you are in the world.

Learn the healing powers of Divya Alter’s best Ayurvedic recipes with a first of it’s kind digital masterclass experience you’ll love.

What You’ll Learn in the Masterclasses

1. General Principles of Ayurvedic Cooking

Learn the foundational principles of Ayurvedic cooking: The Golden Rule of Balance, the 3 Doshas (body-types), how to determine your Dosha, how to select and prepare food that supports you and your body, and much more.

2. Setting up Your Ayurvedic Kitchen

Divya teaches you the essential tools and appliances for your kitchen (and which ones to avoid). You’ll also learn how to organize your kitchen for efficiency and enjoyment, as well as time-saving tips for preparing fresh meals everyday.

3. Essential Cooking Staples

Looking for a vegetarian diet that’s delicious, satisfying, and nutritionally complete? In this module, Divya teaches you how to make daily staples that keep your gut healthy and your taste buds happy.

4. Playing with Flavor: Why Spices and How to Cook with Them

When used correctly, spices improve digestion, enhance flavor and provide key medicinal benefits. Divya teaches you how to choose the right spices for your needs, how to create spice blends for balancing your digestion and 4 recipes that utilize these blends.

5. Seasonal Cooking with Ayurveda

Learn about the six tastes of food, how ingredients affect your physiology and immunity and how to determine your ideal foods based on how they make you feel.

Explore cooking through all four seasons including: How to eat in alignment with your local climate, common imbalances that people experience in each season, how to address your specific imbalances with seasonal ingredients and how to prepare delicious recipes in all four seasons.

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$497 $197

60% DISC.


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