Divya’s Ayurveda Seasonal Box

Our bodies change with the seasons and so do the foods that help us feel our best. We curate a box of products that will change each season to support you throughout the year. Subscribe and save 15% on our Seasonal Ayurveda Box, or order one time to support with a seasonal transition.

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A seasonal approach to food is both natural and beneficial for your digestive health.

Winter Guide

The irregularities in digestion we experienced in the fall begin to even out as our digestive fire reliably increases to sustain our normal body temperature in the cold, generating a need for more fuel to stoke our inner flame. This is why you may experience a stronger appetite. Winter is a season for building immunity and stamina, which can be accomplished through our diets. Eating more, particularly foods rich in protein, minerals and good fats, during the winter provides our bodies with much needed energy for maintaining heat.

However, heavier foods can also bring the risk of stagnation: slower circulation, clogged channels and increased chance of blockages from undigested food. As our bodies accumulate sluggishness, our digestive fire becomes trapped—the heat of the first creates dryness, which dries us from within, just as blustery winds dry us from without. The key to balance is knowing the foods that will support you through the colder season.

What to Eat in the Winter

The predominant tastes to favor in the early and midwinter are sweet, sour and salty. As winter progresses and transitions to spring, gradually shift your favored tastes to pungent, bitter and astringent. 

Balance with foods that are:

  • heavy (high quality dairy, basmati rice, baked goods, protein-rich)
  • moist (soups and stews)
  • oily (cultured ghee, olive oil)
  • warm, soft (cooked via stewing, boiling, braising)  
  • sweet, sour and salty tastes

Examples of foods to eat during the winter:

  • soups, stews and roasts with seasonal root vegetables
  • hot ginger and other herbal teas
  • whole grain breads and healthy pastries
  • whole grains, small beans and lentils
  • A2 whole milk, fresh cheese, yogurt, ghee

What’s Included in the Winter Seasonal Box

Bold Kitchari

2 meals


Strong and spicy. Ideal for late winter and spring.


Spicy Red Lentil Soup

2 meals


Hot and zesty. For late winter and spring, or when you’re feeling sluggish and unmotivated.

Immune Boost Broth

10 oz.


The curative properties of turmeric and spices.

Full Moon Ghee

8 oz.


Rich in butyric acid.

Digestive Tea

4 oz.


For healthy digestion and gut flora.

Winter Seasonal Ayurveda Box

Support your body this season.


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