The Season to Reset

“This program gives a break to your digestive system to let it reset, to work better so that you can optimally absorb food’s nutrients and have more energy.”

-Divya Alter

Divya’s Ayurveda Reset Kits

Divya’s Ayurveda Reset Kit

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Divya’s Ayurveda Reset Kit – Vegan

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Divya’s Ayurveda Reset Kit + Masterclasses

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Divya’s Ayurveda Reset Kit (Vegan) + Masterclasses

$346.00 $275.00
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Functional Teas and Broths Included!

Gentle Detox Tea

Gently pulls hot, acidic toxins out without agitating inflamed tissues

Peace of Mind Tea

Calms your mind so that you can rest well

Immune Boost Tea

Antiviral/antibacterial blend that is also channel-opening

Digestive Tea

Helps thin the bile and support optimal digestion

Everyday Broth

A comforting broth with dried celery, parsley, mint and spices

Immune Boost Broth

Supports liver cleanse, reduces inflammation, opens the physical channels

Anti-Inflammatory Broth

Pulls hot, acidic toxins from the body

Liver Support Broth

A gentle but very effective liver cleanser

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Program Overview

  • The Divya’s Reset Kit is not an intense detox nor does it involve any extreme fasting. Rather, it is a gentle, easy, and delicious nutritional cleanse. It simplifies your meals so that your body can lighten up and reset while receiving nourishment at the same time.
  • All the meals are plant-based, nutritious, and easy to prepare. Supplemented with our special tea and broth blends, this program is designed to support detoxification.
  • The Reset Kit includes everything you need for the 3-day program: all of your meals, a daily schedule, an instructional video with information on the 4 types of toxicity, recipes, a supplemental shopping list should you wish to add to your meals.
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