Refreshing Rose Water


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Suitable to use year-round, especially in hot weather.

To tone and hydrate the skin, morning and evening: clean your face, then lightly spray rose water before applying a moisturizing oil or cream.

As a stress reliever or mood enhancer: spray rose water above your head or around you and take a few deep breaths.

To relieve tired or irritated eyes: moisten two cotton pads with rose water, lay down and place them on your closed eyes. Relax for 5–10 minutes.

To eliminate hair frizz and add shine: spray the roots of your washed and towel-dried hair and gently massage your scalp.

For sunburn relief: spray refrigerated rose water on the affected areas; avoid direct exposure to sunlight.


Ayurveda glorifies rose for its cooling and soothing effect on the skin, mind and heart. Our rose water pleasantly regenerates, refreshes and soothes the skin, restoring radiance to your complexion. It also promotes emotional balance by calming and relaxing the mind.


Rose Water