Divya’s Masterclasses + Starter Kit

Choose to begin your journey with food itself, by cooking some of our single servings of kitcharis and soups, along with Divya’s cultured ghee—they make delicious, complete meals in only 20 minutes. Knowing what health can taste like, you’ll want to learn more, so dive into the self-paced, comprehensive masterclasses.

Single Serving Kitchari and Soups:

  • Complete meals in 20 minutes
  • Balancing for all body types
  • For home, work or travel
  • Feat. Cultured Ghee: The essential Ayurvedic staple


  • For cooks of all levels
  • Over 8 hours of guided video content
  • 5 Interactive workbooks
  • Recipes for meals, Ayurvedic staples, and spice blends

Included: 8oz Cultured Ghee, 4oz. Single Serve Balanced Kitchari, 4oz. Single Serve Soothing Kitchari, 4oz. Single Serve Bold Kitchari, 4oz. Single Serve Warming Kitchari, 4oz. Split Mung Bean Soup, 4 oz. Spicy Red Lentil Soup, and Full Access to Divya’s Masterclasses.

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