Divya’s Masterclasses + Seasonal Ayurveda Box

A thoughtfully curated collection of Divya’s products to cool your body from the inside out this summer. Also includes our brand new Savory No-Cook Millet Meals—a delicious and satisfying breakfast or lunch that’s ready in just 10 minutes, just add hot water. Perfect for travel and outdoor adventures.


Discover the healing magic of food and learn how to cook plant-based foods that are optimal for your body type. With Divya’s Masterclasses, you’ll dive deep into the wisdom of Ayurveda and infuse more joy into your kitchen in the process.

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Seasonal Ayurveda Box for Summer

  • The sun is strong and vibrant during Pitta season, and your energy may also increase to reflect these changes in nature. Summer activities like outdoor fun, travel, and social gatherings are fun and can also mean less rest
  • Longer days and increased sun exposure may cause over heating, fatigue, skin discomfort, irritation and even anger—that’s why it’s especially important to cool your body and balance your Pitta dosha during the summer and early fall
  • Embrace the energetic weather and longer days with Divya’s Seasonal Ayurveda Box. Thoughtfully curated with all of our best cooling products to ensure your digestive fire and Pitta dosha stays balanced while enjoying the best of summer
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What’s Included

NEW! Savory Millet with Cauliflower & Kale

(1 meal) Foxtail millet makes this meal rich in nutrients and low in calories. Dehydrated crystals of organic cauliflower and kale sourced from regenerative farms give this dish anti-inflammatory properties while pacifying Pitta and Kapha, and the spice blend helps to optimize digestion. This no-cook dish is simple to prepare and can easily be eaten as a quickly nourishing breakfast, lunch, or dinner while on the go.

NEW! Savory Millet with Chickpea & Miso

(1 meal) With the grounding properties of beets and the nourishing foxtail millet, the deep rich flavor of chickpea miso, and a masala spice blend to optimize digestion, this version of the Foxtail Millet dish is satisfying, nutritious, and ideal for keeping Pitta in check. Pack it for when you travel, or bring it on a hike for a nutrient-dense breakfast or dinner that’s ready in 10 minutes.  Just add hot water, no cooking required!

NEW! Blackberry & Peach Shake

(1 breakfast or snack) Coconut milk is sweet and cooling, and lime juice supports digestion. This combined with a blend of organic and biodynamic blackberry and peach gently-dried crystals makes for a creamy, sweet, and tangy treat that’s perfect as a snack or for breakfast, especially on a hot day.

Soothing Kitchari

(1 meal) Lightly spiced with herbal tones and nourishing for the hot weather. This will keep your body cool and make you sweat less. The kitchari is quick and easy to prepare so that you spend less time around your stove during the hot weather.

Everyday Broth

(10 oz) A delicious sipping broth that calms the nervous system, soothes the mind, reduces acidity, offers nourishment when your appetite is low, alkalinizing, & excellent during recovery from surgery, childbirth, long travel, or exertion.

Cultured Ghee

(8 oz) Cultured ghee is very nourishing and cooling. You can also apply it on your eyelids to soothe your eyes or on any skin area that has a burning sensation. Our freshly harvested, high polyphenol extra virgin olive oil is slightly more heating, but still an excellent cooking fat year round.

Coconut Chutney

This creamy, cooling chutney is an excellent addition to your kitchari and it also goes well with curry, dosa, vegetable pancakes, crackers, etc. It even works as a salad dressing! For Kapha, this is best with some added green chili.

Sleep Well Tea

(4oz) A calming tea with lavender and butterfly pea flowers and ashwagandha that helps you release excess Pitta and enjoy restful sleep.

Seasonal Ayurveda Box for Summer Benefits

  • Help your body balance Pitta dosha, reduce excess heat, and soothe inflammation
  • Support your gut with meals that are nutrient-dense and easy on your digestion
  • Calm your emotions and de-stress with the cooling herbs and spices that are present in each product
  • Nourish your body without cooking while traveling, hiking, working, or whenever you need a quick meal

“My husband and I absolutely love Divya’s Ayurveda Seasonal Boxes. The products included are unbelievably convenient, especially on those days when we’re too busy to cook or feel tempted to eat out. They end up saving us a ton of money we’d otherwise spend eating out on food that makes us feel like we need a nap afterward—no thank you. Having these nutritious items on hand has made such a difference in our lives. We can’t recommend this box—and truly any of Divya’s products!—enough for anyone looking to feel like the highest version of themselves throughout the year.”

-Jess B.

Divya’s Masterclasses are included!

Divya Alter’s First Ever Masterclasses

Learn from Divya herself in this exclusive digital experience, and unlock the power of her world-renowned healing recipes and Ayurvedic teachings.

Divya has been raved about in:
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Embrace the Healing Magic of Food with Divya’s Masterclasses

  • Dive into the essentials of Ayurvedic Cooking, from foundational skills to mouthwatering recipes
  • Uncover the art of using food for both health and deliciousness
  • Personalize your health journey to fit your body type, goals, and lifestyle
  • Infuse your kitchen with joy through a balanced approach to eating and cooking

Join over 30,000 students around the world who Divya has personally taught over the years and become empowered to use food in life-transforming ways.

What’s included

  • 8 hours of beautifully guided videos, with 44 lessons and 22 recipes
  • Comprehensive companion workbooks and self-study tools to support any learning style
  • Lifetime access to course materials, allowing you to rewatch and continue learning
  • For a limited time access to live sessions with Divya and our culinary staff
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What You’ll Learn

A Complete Introduction to Ayurvedic Cooking

Learn the foundational principles of Ayurvedic cooking: The 3 Doshas (elemental energies) how to determine your body type, and how to choose ingredients that are most balancing for your body type and digestive strength, and much more. rnrnYou will receive guidance on setting up your Ayurvedic kitchen for ease and efficiency and will learn the specific qualities and effects of key Ayurvedic ingredients. You will then bring this together in a wide range of recipes for meals, Ayurvedic staples and spice blends that support your individual health and well-being.rnrn



Cooking for Your Body and the Seasons

Learn about the six tastes of food, how ingredients affect your physiology and immunity and how to determine your ideal foods based on how they make you feel.rnrnExplore cooking through all four seasons including: How to eat in alignment with your local climate, common imbalances that people experience in each season, how to address your specific imbalances with seasonal ingredients and how to prepare delicious recipes in all four seasons.



Balance your body & mind

Take a step towards lasting transformation

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Divya’s Ayurveda Reset Kit

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Divya’s Ayurveda Reset Kit (Vegan) + Masterclasses

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