General Principles of Ayurvedic Cooking

Introduction to Ayurvedic Cooking Series

Dive into delicious recipes, centuries-old techniques, and how to choose the healthiest, most balancing foods for yourself at any given moment.

We all want to feel better

We all want to know what it’s like to eat food that supports our health and vitality. We’re taught to relate to food in terms of calories, nutritional breakdowns or based simply on taste, but these approaches are missing a key ingredient: how food makes you feel.


Learn to relate to your food in a more conscious way through Ayurveda, an ancient healing system that invites you to get to know your body – and its needs and patterns – so that you can understand how to eat to feel your best.


This 4-part masterclass provides a complete, practical foundation for health and healing through food. Join Chef Divya Alter as she takes you on a journey to discover the foods and spices that will be balancing and nourishing for your particular body type and digestion. It’s an individualized approach, and one that empowers you to cultivate a deeper understanding of how to eat for your health at any given time.

What you’ll learn.

The essentials of Ayurvedic cooking
Balancing your individual body type (dosha)
Ease and efficiency in the kitchen

What’s Included

  • Over 6 hours of guided video instruction
  • 4 modules with 4 comprehensive interactive workbooks
  • 13 delicious, plant-based recipes with step-step instructions

Are you looking for:

  • A way to transform your health that’s personalized for your body type, goals and lifestyle
  • An intuitive understanding of what to eat to feel your best in any season
  • Food that not only tastes good, but makes you feel better
  • Cooking to feel fun, easy and inspiring
  • Plant-based recipes that are healthy, delicious and nutritionally-complete
  • Life-changing knowledge delivered in a self-paced and entertaining way

Four modules in one masterclass

1. General Principles of Ayurvedic Cooking

Learn the foundational principles of Ayurvedic cooking: The Golden Rule of Balance, the 3 Doshas (body-types), how to determine your Dosha, how to select and prepare food that supports you and your body, and much more.

15 Video Lessons (75min)



2. Setting up Your Ayurvedic Kitchen

Divya teaches you the essential tools and appliances for your kitchen (and which ones to avoid). You’ll also learn how to organize your kitchen for efficiency and enjoyment, as well as time-saving tips for preparing fresh meals everyday.

6 Video Lessons (30m)



3. Essential Cooking Staples

Looking for a vegetarian diet that’s delicious, satisfying, and nutritionally complete? In this module, Divya teaches you how to make 6 daily staples, including cultured ghee and fresh cheese, that keep your gut healthy and your taste buds happy.

8 Video Lessons (60m)



4. Playing with Flavor: Why Spices and How to Cook with Them

When used correctly, spices improve digestion, enhance flavor, and provide key medicinal benefits. Divya teaches you how to choose the right spices for your needs, how to create spice blends for balancing your digestion, and 4 recipes that utilize these blends.

7 Video Lessons (75m)



Get Started

Learn from top ayurvedic expert Divya Alter.
Get unlimited access to all 24 lessons.
And unlimited access to all learning materials.

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Two Course Bundle

Access to two Masterclasses from world renowned ayurvedic chef, Divya Alter. The perfect combination to guide anyone from beginner to expert.

  • General Principles of Ayurvedic Cooking
  • Seasonal Cooking with Ayurveda Learn More

¤40 / bundle

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