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Seasonal Cooking with Ayurveda

Seasonal Cooking with Ayurveda

Eat well and feel balanced any time of year. Discover how Ayurveda holds the key to helping you maintain optimal health in all four seasons.

We live in a dynamic world.

From the cycles of day and night to those of the seasons, the environment around us is in a perpetual state of transformation. And as a result, we are also changing.


How can we continue to feel balanced and healthy as the world shifts around us? Ayurveda, the 5,000 year old healing system from ancient India provides knowledge and a philosophy for how to know what’s best for our health at any moment, season to season.


In this course, Chef Divya Alter will walk you through the ingredients to favor and what to cook in each season. You’ll also gain an understanding of how your energy levels and mental health change alongside the weather.


You’ll learn to connect with food based on how it makes you feel, and you’ll walk away knowing how to select ingredients and meals that support your immunity and digestion. This seasonal cooking masterclass is an invitation to bring Ayurveda into your kitchen so that you can continue to feel healthy and balanced moment to moment, season to season.

What you’ll learn.

The best foods for you, anytime of the year
How the seasons affect digestion and immunity
Adapting Ayurvedic principles to foods you love

What’s Included

  • Over 2 hours of guided video instruction
  • 6 lessons and a 30 page interactive workbook
  • 4 seasonal recipes with step-by-step instructions

Are you looking for

  • A deeper understanding of what your body needs to feel its best in any season
  • A simple introduction to the Ayurvedic approach to food
  • Ways to use more fresh, seasonal, and local ingredients
  • Time-tested wisdom that’s delivered in a fun, on-demand format

Find balance, all year long

In this course, Divya Altar teaches you about the relationship between diet, health, and the seasons. You’ll learn to choose and prepare food based on how you feel – and how you want to feel – any time of year.

6 Video Lessons (75m)

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Two Course Bundle

Access to two Masterclasses from world renowned ayurvedic chef, Divya Alter. The perfect combination to guide anyone from beginner to expert.

  • Introduction to Ayurvedic Cooking Learn More
  • Seasonal Cooking with Ayurveda

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