Anti-inflammatory Bundle


Inflammation is a common source of discomfort and imbalance in the body, especially during a holiday season of festivities and excess. Supporting our bodies with detoxifying foods is the first step to regaining the balance our bodies desire. 


Anti-inflammatory Broth
Full Moon Ghee
Peace of Mind Tea
Balanced Kitchari, 8 oz.
Soothing Kitchari, 8 oz.
Split Mung Soup, 8 oz.

*Includes our new Anti-inflammatory Broth! Check the Benefits section to learn more.

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*Includes our new Anti-inflammatory Broth!

Health Benefits:

Gently cleanses impurities from the bodily tissues
Reduces inflammation and pain
Rich in essential nutrients such as iron, calcium, and potassium
Helps reverse constipation
Regulates blood sugar
Supports cellular vitality

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Amazing health results

Dear Divya,
I bought the Anti-Inflammatory Bundle for my adult daughter. Her poor gut has been out of whack from years of advil due to sports injuries. She had GERD symptoms daily. I’m so happy that after enjoying the Divya’s Kitchen foods for a week, she’s finally feeling so much better. She’s a busy girl, and the prep is so easy. Thank you!!