Broth & Olive Oil Bundle


Divya’s broths are wonderful for sipping or using as a base for cooking. Adding a drizzle of olive oil and a squeeze of lime to our broths can elevate the taste and experience. Since they’re the perfect pair, we’re offering our broths with a bottle of Amphora Olive Oil, which has a wonderful, peppery flavor.

Liver Support Broth

A liver and gallbladder-friendly broth filled with the detox properties of bitter melon and flavored with cooling spices and herbs. The dried bitter melon and red beets in this broth deliver a gentle but very effective liver cleansing effect and enhance bile flow. The cassava flour acts as a binder of toxins, and the coriander expels them out through the urinary tract. This broth also lowers high blood sugar and helps you recover from a hangover. 

Anti-Inflammatory Broth

A cleansing and anti-inflammatory broth delivering the antioxidant benefits of moringa and subtly flavored with spices and herbs. Highly regarded in Ayurveda and modern nutrition, moringa is a powerful anti-inflammatory herb as it pulls hot, acidic toxins from the muscles, fat, bones, and bone marrow.

Immune Boost Broth

An immune boosting broth delivering the curative properties of turmeric and spices. It supports liver cleansing, reduces inflammation, and helps open the physical channels in the body. It helps expel excessive phlegm and reduce body aches.

Everyday Broth

An aromatic and restorative broth with celery, parsley, cilantro and spices to help you reset your system. It can be used as a base for cooking other recipes or used for recovery and rehabilitation.