Wellness Bundle


The holiday season can take a toll on us. Late nights, irregular meals and common ailments are all part and parcel of the season. Support your immunity and digestion with this collection of Ayurvedic wellness solutions. 


Immune Boost Broth

Immune Boost Tea

Everyday Broth

Digestive Tea

2 Balanced Kitchari 8 oz. 

Spicy Red Lentil Soup 8 oz. 

Warming Kitchari 8 oz

Split Mung bean Soup 8 oz. 

Ghee, 8 oz.

*Includes two of our new broths! See Benefits to learn more

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Immune Boost Broth Benefits:

Warms up the body
Opens the bodily channels (sinuses, throat, digestive tract, and more)
Clears phlegm
Reverses constipation
Improves circulation
Reduces inflammation
Enhances metabolism

Everyday Broth Benefits:

Calms the nervous system
Soothes the mind
Offers nourishment when there is no appetite
Excellent during recovery from surgery, child birth, long travel, exertion
Alkalinizing; reduces acidity