The Complete One-pot Meal Bundle


Includes single servings of our complete collection of one-pot meals. Each one is ready in 20 minutes.

Whether you’re new to Ayurvedic cooking, or you’re looking for something quick, easy and good for you, these one-pot meals have you covered.

Divya’s Complete One-pot Meal Bundle includes single serving packages of our 4 styles of kitchari and 2 protein-rich soups.

Kitchari is a savory one-pot grain and lentil dish with origins in India. Each of our kitcharis provides unique healing benefits–we’ve included tips on the packaging to help you choose the right one for any given time.

Our Spicy Lentil Soup is designed to speed up metabolism, improve circulation and dissipate lethargy. Split Mung Bean Soup is formulated to be soothing, easy to digest and balancing for everyone all year long.

For best results, we recommend cooking the entire package contents of our one-pot meals.

$44.99 or subscribe and save 15% 48 oz

Available on backorder: "Spicy Red Lentil Soup Single Serve ( packs: Single Serve )", "Bold Kitchari Single Serve ( packs: Single Serve )" are available on backorder.

* Minimum subscription length of 3 deliveries.

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Ellen Scordato
Great flavors, perfect size

I feel like my pantry is complete with these. A selection of Divya's kitcharis + soups means I always have a quick, nutritious meal available.

Sheena Patni
amazing kitcharis and soups

so far enjoying everything!

Eva Sitek
One-Pot Bundles

Best: Bold and Soothing were my favorites