The Gather Bundle

Share the joy of balance this holiday season.

With group sizes of all our kitcharis and soups, 16 oz. grass-fed ghee, Sweet & Smoky Sauce (aka the ultimate Ayurvedic condiment) and four raw chocolate bars made with healing herbs, this collection brings the magic of Divya’s to any dinner party or family meal. 

  • Complete meals in 20 minutes
  • Balancing for all body types
  • Perfect for groups
  • Feat. Cultured Ghee: The essential Ayurvedic staple


Included: 16oz Cultured Ghee, 8oz Group Size Balanced Kitchari, 8oz Group Size Soothing Kitchari, 8oz Group Size Bold Kitchari, 8oz Group Size Warming Kitchari, 8oz Group Size Split Mung Bean Soup, 8oz Group Size Spicy Red Lentil Soup, Sweet and Smoky Sauce, Elements Rose with Cardamom Chocolate Bar, Elements Peppermint Lavender Chocolate Bar, Elements Orange Quinoa with Turmeric Chocolate Bar, Elements Raspberry with Beetroot Chocolate Bar