Valentine’s Day Sweets Bundle


Jaggery Rice — Looking for a healthy sweet? Jaggery Rice will satisfy your sweet tooth and provide deep nourishment to your body. With its creamy and chocolaty looks and enticingly flavorful sweetness, Jaggery Rice is a quick and sumptuous dish for dessert or breakfast. Jaggery is a traditional Indian sweetener prepared by boiling down sugarcane juice. It is a wholesome substitute for refined sugar. 

Rose Drinking Hot Chocolate Mix — Looking to add some romance to your drinking chocolate? Look no further than our Rose Hot Chocolate Mix. This luxurious blend of rich chocolate flakes and delicate rose petals creates a decadent and mood-enhancing drink that’s perfect for any occasion.

Made with only the highest quality ingredients, including pure Ecuadorian cacao and earthy cardamom, this hot chocolate mix is a treat for all your senses.

Buckwheat Cake Mix — A delicious plant-based and gluten-free cake that you can quickly prepare for your festive table. Our irresistible buckwheat cake perfectly replaces the rather unhealthy pastries made with bleached flour, white sugar, fillers, artificial colors, hydrogenated oil, and more. The crunchy slivered almond topping pleasantly contrasts this spongy cake, so make sure to use them!


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