Divya’s Ayurveda Seasonal Box

Our bodies change with the seasons and so do the foods that help us feel our best. We curate a box of products that will change each season to support you throughout the year. Subscribe and save 15% on our Seasonal Ayurveda Box, or order one time to support with a seasonal transition.

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A seasonal approach to food is both natural and beneficial for your digestive health.

Summer Guide

Summer is a time of being in full bloom—for many of us, that may look like outdoor activities, travel, social gatherings, and vacation. This hot time of year is considered Pitta season, with hot, sharp, and dry being the qualities that are present. The days are longer and periods of rest are shorter, with the sun blazing more boldly than any other time of year. While this is an invitation for us to step into potential and make the most of the daylight hours, it can also lead to fatigue, skin rashes, and sweaty, burning skin. For many of us, being more active feels natural with the beautiful weather beckoning us outside and away from screens.

While it’s certainly time to enjoy the inspiring weather and social events, for some this can be a tricky time for your agni, or digestive fire. The body in general can become heated, and that can cause the appetite to decrease, lowering digestive fire. The usual spices and herbs that stimulate digestion can be too heating for this time of year, so it’s best to be extra mindful of including cooling spices and herbs in your dishes, such as cilantro, mint, and coriander.

Balancing Foods for Summer

Vegetables: summer squash (two of the most popular being zucchini and yellow squash), fennel, leafy greens, okra, broccoli, broccolini, artichokes, green beans, bitter melon, cucumber, carrots, daikon radish

Fruits: coconut, limes, watermelon, berries (blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries), cherries, peaches, apricots, and plums. Apples and grapes can also be enjoyed in the late summer. 

Grains & Lentils: barley, quinoa, corn, millet, mung dal, red lentils and small beans

Spices & Herbs: cilantro, mint, basil, fennel, parsley, coriander, cardamom, Soma salt, rose petals, cumin, dill, dry ginger, curry leaves, long pepper 

Dairy: Buttermilk, cow’s milk, goats milk, fresh cheese

Fats: Cultured ghee, coconut oil, olive oil

What’s Included in the Summer Seasonal Box

New! Savory Millet with Cauliflower & Kale

1 meal


Foxtail millet makes this meal rich in nutrients and low in calories. Dehydrated crystals of organic cauliflower and kale sourced from regenerative farms give this dish anti-inflammatory properties while pacifying Pitta and Kapha, and the spice blend helps to optimize digestion. This no-cook dish is simple to prepare and can easily be eaten as a quickly nourishing breakfast, lunch, or dinner while on the go.


New! Savory Millet with Beet & Chickpea Miso

1 meal


With the grounding properties of beets and the nourishing foxtail millet, the deep rich flavor of chickpea miso, and a masala spice blend to optimize digestion, this version of the Foxtail Millet dish is satisfying, nutritious, and ideal for keeping Pitta in check. Pack it for when you travel, or bring it on a hike for a nutrient-dense breakfast or dinner that’s ready in 10 minutes.  Just add hot water, no cooking required!

New! Blackberry & Peach Shake

1 snack or breakfast


Coconut milk is sweet and cooling, and lime juice supports digestion. This combined with a blend of organic and biodynamic blackberry and peach gently-dried crystals makes for a creamy, sweet, and tangy treat that’s perfect as a snack or for breakfast, especially on a hot day.

Soothing Kitchari

1 meal


Lightly spiced with herbal tones and nourishing for the hot weather. This will keep your body cool and make you sweat less. The kitchari is quick and easy to prepare so that you spend less time around your stove during the hot weather.

Everyday Broth

10 oz.


A delicious sipping broth that calms the nervous system, soothes the mind, reduces acidity, offers nourishment when your appetite is low, alkalinizing, & excellent during recovery from surgery, childbirth, long travel, or exertion.

Cultured Ghee

8 oz.


Cultured ghee is very nourishing and cooling. You can also apply it on your eyelids to soothe your eyes or on any skin area that has a burning sensation. Our freshly harvested, high polyphenol extra virgin olive oil is slightly more heating, but still an excellent cooking fat year round.

Coconut Chutney

This creamy, cooling chutney is an excellent addition to your kitchari and it also goes well with curry, dosa, vegetable pancakes, crackers, etc. It even works as a salad dressing! For Kapha, this is best with some added green chili.

Sleep Well Tea

4 oz.


A calming tea with lavender and butterfly pea flowers and ashwagandha that helps you release excess Pitta and enjoy restful sleep. 

Summer Seasonal Ayurveda Box

Support your body this season.


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