Kapha Bundle


Have you been mostly sedentary these days? If yes, then your Kapha dosha probably needs some  reinforcement. When our Kapha energy is high, we feel stagnant, stiff, tired, sleepy, and kind of “blah”. Let our Kapha Bundle give you a kick to jumpstart your metabolism, clear blockages and phlegm, and improve your energy! “Light and spicy” are key words in this bundle. Aside from the complete-protein meals provided by the kitchari and soup, the Immune Support Broth makes an excellent meal replacement for when it’s time to eat but you lack appetite. Enjoy a morning and/or afternoon cup of Everyday Energizing Team as a coffee replacement or when you need help to get your digestion moving.

  • 4 oz. Bold Kitchari
  • 4 oz. Balanced Kitchari
  • 4 oz. Spicy Red Lentil Soup
  • Immune Boost Broth
  • Everyday Energizing Tea


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Immune Boost Broth – Parsley flakes, ginger, cumin, turmeric, fennel, Himalayan salt, ajwain, black peppercorns, Thai chile

Everyday Energizing Tea – (all organic) amla, lemongrass, licorice, stinging nettles, haritaki, pippali

Bold Kitchari – organic white quinoa, organic yellow split mung dal, organic red lentils, organic white basmati rice, Himalayan pink salt, organic ginger, organic black cardamom, organic coriander, organic turmeric, organic curry leaf, organic green Thai chile, organic fenugreek, organic ajwain, organic cumin, organic cinnamon, organic black pepper.

Balanced Kitchari – organic white basmati rice, organic yellow split mung dal, organic red lentils, organic white quinoa, Himalayan pink salt, organic ginger, organic fennel, organic coriander, organic kalonji (nigella), organic cumin, organic turmeric, organic curry leaf.

Spicy Red Lentil Soup – organic red lentils, Himalayan pink salt, organic kalonji (nigella), organic fennel, organic ginger, organic curry leaf, organic turmeric, organic green Thai chile.