The Complete Kitchari Bundle (Single Serving)


Find your perfect kitchari. Includes single servings of our complete collection.

Kitchari is a savory one-pot grain and lentil dish with origins in India. This comforting, complete protein recipe is the perfect on-the-go meal for any time of the day. A true Ayurvedic staple, kitchari supports healthy digestion, detox, energy and vitality, stress relief, and the immune system.

The Single Serving Kitchari Test Pack includes all four of our kitcharis: Balancing, Bold, Warming, and Soothing. 

Each one provides their own additional and unique healing benefits. We’ve included tips on the packaging to help you choose the right kitchari for any given time.

$30.99 or subscribe and save 15% 16 oz

Available on backorder: "Soothing Kitchari Single Serve ( packs: Single Serve )", "Warming Kitchari Single Serve ( packs: Single Serve )", "Bold Kitchari Single Serve ( packs: Single Serve )" are available on backorder.

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Gail Mallery
A new favorite

I have added these single serving meals into my regular rotation. The spice blends are described perfectly and are wonderful with fresh vegetables added or without any additions. I highly recommend for anyone who wants a simple to prepare meal that is restaurant quality.

Jessica Dalrymple
My "go to" healthy comfort food

I absolutely love these one pot meals. So delicious and nourishing. I add chopped cashews, lime, and kale to mine for the yummiest little meal. It's so nice to know of something quick but healthy if I don't have time to cook.

Eileen Mitchell
Great taste

I enjoyed the different packets. The spices were excellent really tasty.