The Complete Kitchari Bundle (Single Serving)


Find your perfect kitchari. Includes single servings of our complete collection.

Kitchari is a savory one-pot grain and lentil dish with origins in India. This comforting, complete protein recipe is the perfect on-the-go meal for any time of the day. A true Ayurvedic staple, kitchari supports healthy digestion, detox, energy and vitality, stress relief, and the immune system.

The Single Serving Kitchari Test Pack includes all four of our kitcharis: Balancing, Bold, Warming, and Soothing. 

Each one provides their own additional and unique healing benefits. We’ve included tips on the packaging to help you choose the right kitchari for any given time.

$30.99 or subscribe and save 15% 16 oz

Available on backorder: "Bold Kitchari Single Serve ( packs: Single Serve )" is available on backorder.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Nola Walker
Sign of the Times

The food is delicious but the smaller single serving packages are disappointing. I hoped for the former 2-3 serving meals that were most cost and time efficient. Unfortunately inflation and reduced packaging defined my experience.

Jonathan Stricklin
So quick, so good!

Fast, easy, fresh, and sooooo delicious!!

Christine Geldien
Love it!

I love having these small one pot packets around. There perfectly balanced with spices and cook up so quickly. I enjoy having the different spiced packets as well. I feel satisfied and happy after each meal.