Savory Millet with Cauliflower & Kale


A 3-pack of this savory no-cook dish that’s packed with nourishment and ready in just ten minutes.

Here is a quick and satisfying breakfast, lunch, or dinner that you can make anywhere! Foxtail millet flakes being the star ingredient, this porridge-like meal is rich in nutrients and low in calories. We flavor this savory meal with dehydrated crystals of organic cauliflower and organic kale grown by regenerative farmers in the US. Take this packet on the plane or in your hiking backpack and enjoy a hot, delicious, nourishing meal by simply mixing it with hot water.


INSTRUCTIONS (no cooking required):

  1. Place the packet’s contents in a small saucepan or a bowl. Add 2 tablespoons chopped walnuts or other nuts (optional).
  2. Pour 1 cup boiling hot water, stir in 1/2 tablespoon ghee or olive oil and cover with a lid for 10 minutes.
  3. Garnish with 1 tablespoon chopped parsley, dill, cilantro or basil and fluff with a fork. Adjust the salt, lime, and pepper to taste. Serve warm.

Variation: For Vata balancing, add extra ghee or olive oil.

Caution: Do not consume when pregnant or nursing or when you’re experiencing excessive dryness.


Nutrient-dense: Foxtail Millet is rich in essential nutrients such as proteins, minerals (iron, magnesium), and dietary fiber, supporting overall nourishment and health.

Pacifies Pitta and Kapha doshas: Cauliflower is cooling, making it beneficial for balancing Pitta and Kapha doshas.

High in nutrients: Kale is rich in vitamins (especially Vitamin K and Vitamin C), minerals (such as calcium and iron), and antioxidants, which support health and vitality.

Anti-inflammatory properties: It helps reduce inflammation in the body, which is beneficial for overall health.

Easy to digest: Curated spice blend to support ease of digestion


Foxtail millet flakes, organic cauliflower flakes, organic miso flakes, Himalayan pink salt, organic kale flakes, organic lime juice powder, organic ginger powder, organic black peppercorns, curry leaf, organic fennel, organic coriander, organic kalonji, organic cumin, organic turmeric. Produced in a facility that also processes milk.