What to Eat for How You Feel, by Divya Alter

Featuring 100 seasonal plant-based recipes, this best-selling cookbook introduces you to the foundations of Ayurvedic cooking: Intuitive eating based on your personal body-type (dosha) and digestion, essential techniques, and daily staples for a nutritionally complete plant-based diet.

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Customer Reviews

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Judith V.
Great Book

I have enjoyed reading this, a bit at a time. I’ve tried a few recipes, and look forward to exploring more of them. I love reading about how the ingredients work on our health as well as learning new cooking skills. Kitchari , with its variations, has become my number one go to dinner, especially when I have limited time to cook. I recommend this book for anyone who is moving their diet towards veganism and is interested in seasonal cooking

Lynne Schauble
Beautiful book

I have enjoyed learning about Ayurveda and the importance of spices and food combinations in this beautiful book. This book is very educational and inspirational as I strive to eat healthy according to the seasons and principles of balance.

My new favorite cookbook

I love this book. The recipes are amazing, simple and delicious. And healthy! Divya Alter is a talented chef, no doubt about it. Get yourself a copy, you won't be sorry. (I'm giving the book as a Christmas gift to a couple of foodie friends. I know they will be impressed.)