What to Eat for How You Feel, by Divya Alter


Featuring 100 seasonal plant-based recipes, this best-selling cookbook introduces you to the foundations of Ayurvedic cooking: Intuitive eating based on your personal body-type (dosha) and digestion, essential techniques, and daily staples for a nutritionally complete plant-based diet.

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Customer Reviews

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Nischel Casteel Yinger

A tasty investment for our health. My husband and I are delighted with this adventure into a healthier lifestyle.

Madonnalisa Chan
Quick and great tasting

I’ve learned so much from the cookbook and having the kits have been so helpful in busy evenings. Great way to try lots of wonderful food and then look into the cookbook to try my hand at making it myself. Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

Laurie Schaeffer
Lovely book!

I look forward to diving in. As I scan the book, the offerings are so practical. Thank you Divya!