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Ingredient Spotlight: Fennel
Nov 15 / By: David Sleininger

Delicous, soothing and easy to digest—there’s a lot to love about fennel. In this article, Divya explains the healing benefits of fennel, how to cooking with it, when to avoid it and much more.

Pear Upside-Down Five Spice Cake
Nov 14 / By: David Sleininger

This delicious, seasonal recipe was developed by one of Divya’s former students. Featuring whole grains, natural sweeteners and digestive spices, this cake feels as good as it tastes.

Celery Root and Taro Pancakes
Oct 24 / By: David Sleininger

A healthier, more balancing alternative to potato pancakes. Although they’re great any time of year, Divya prefers them in the colder months.

Ingredient Spotlight: Taro Root
Oct 24 / By: David Sleininger

Taro root serves a number of essential functions in Ayurvedic cooking. Not only is it a potato substitute and egg replacer, it’s also highly medicinal and detoxifying.

Ingredient Spotlight: Celery Root
Oct 24 / By: David Sleininger

An unsung hero among root vegetables, celery root is revered by Ayurveda for its healing properties, metabolic effect and complex, earthy flavor.

Lime Rice Pilaf
Oct 14 / By: David Sleininger

This aromatic dish, featuring kali jeera rice (baby basmati), is light, cooling and richly flavored. It’s an ideal recipe for traveling or a quick meal.

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