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How to Detox this Spring

Mar 15th

Spring is a time for new beginnings, both inside and out. In this article, we’ll cover why spring is the perfect time for detox, Ayurveda’s holistic approach to detoxifying the body, some universal tips, and how to find the perfect protocol for you.

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Spring is coming – and as we transition from the heaviness of winter to the busyness of summer, it’s the perfect time to consider a detox. That’s because spring is when our microchannels naturally expand and soften, making it easier for us to release the toxins that have built up in our system.

It also happens to be the season of bitter greens and other foods that support the liver – our primary detoxifying organ.

Sounds simple. Spring time = detox time, right? Not exactly.

Poke around the internet and you’ll notice that most detox regimens are based on juicing, fasting, colonics, and other highly restrictive diets. According to Ayurveda, these methods are often too harsh for our complex, delicate digestive systems. In fact, Divya compares them to blowing up a bomb in the body.

But we don’t need to blow up anything in order to detox. The body already has its own process for the elimination of toxins – we just need to support it with certain food and lifestyle changes. The nature of those changes depends on your unique body and your specific imbalances, which means we can’t possibly know the perfect protocol for you. But with that in mind, here are some general protocols and guidelines to help you plan your next detox.

The Kitchari Fast

This simple, gentle detox program relies on the classic Ayurvedic one-pot meal: 

For one to five days, whenever you feel hungry, eat only freshly cooked kitchari and drink only herbal teas and hot water. Refrain from eating or drinking anything else. This simple, gentle fast helps reset your digestive system. 

How to prepare for a detox

  • Understand the different types of toxins and their sources. This article has a great explanation of toxins, and detoxing in general
  • As much as possible, reduce your exposure to these toxins.
  • Make sure your physical and vibrational channels are open. Eating well, exercise, meditation, and making time for fun are all excellent ways to prepare your system.
  • As a pre-cleanse, choose balancing foods that you can digest well; avoid foods that clog your channels or disrupt your body’s natural intelligence. If you need help understanding which foods are right for you, we recommend this book by Divya.
  • Consider seeking the guidance of an Ayurvedic practitioner.
  • Follow your detox with proper nutritional and lifestyle practices that support rejuvenation and balance.

When you should NOT detox

Although it’s a safe and natural process, there are times when it’s best to avoid a detox protocol.

Do NOT detox if you’re experiencing any of the following:

  • Inflammatory intestinal/bowel disease
  • Pregnancy or breastfeeding
  • Exhaustion or weakness
  • A consistently stressful schedule
  • Winter or summer seasons
  • Serious illness, taking medications, etc.
  • A lack of time to adequately prepare your body
  • Your menstrual period

That’s it. We hope this helps you find your perfect way to cleanse and reset. When in doubt, contact an Ayurvedic practitioner who can help you develop a personalized protocol. And remember, the body already knows how to do this work – it just needs a little support.

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