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5 Ayurvedic Tips for Air Travel

May 24th

Ayurvedic guidelines for staying healthy and balanced before, during and after traveling by plane.

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It’s official–traveling is back. But while we daydream and plan the perfect vacation, it’s important to keep one thing in mind: Travel (especially by plane) is hard on the body.

That’s why we’re sharing five Ayurvedic tips for staying healthy and balanced when flying. Try these simple, powerful strategies to bring more ease to your journey whether you’re traveling for work or pleasure.

Before the flight

  • TIP #1: If you’re going to be changing time zones, start adjusting your bedtime before you travel. Beginning a week before your flight, shift your sleep schedule by 15-20 minutes per day. Any remaining adjustment will be much gentler when you arrive at your destination. 

During the flight

  • TIP #2: Flying increases Vata so it’s important to counter the impact of dry air and excess movement. Mitigate these effects by drinking hot water and avoiding iced beverages. 
  • TIP #3: If possible, avoid eating while flying. Most of the food available in the terminal or on a flight is inherently Vata imbalancing (especially dry foods like crackers and pretzels). Eating while flying also increases jet lag. If you need to eat, bring your own grounding and unctuous foods such as empanadas, roasted sweet potatoes, coconut chips, or a wholesome cookie or muffin.

After the flight

  • TIP #4: Flying deprives us of grounding energy and exposes us to increased levels of EMF’s. Once you’ve landed, reharmonize with the earth’s energy by standing barefoot in a forested or grassy area or on the beach. If that’s not possible, a shower and gentle exercise like yoga and pranayama or walking can be a big help.
  • TIP #5: Eating well always makes a difference, and it’s especially important to choose nourishing and grounding foods after a flight. Because it’s hard to find healthy options on the go, Divya’s has created a line of single-serving one-pot meals. With four kinds of kitchari and two kinds of soups, there’s something for every mood and any time of year.  
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