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Why Mindful Eating Matters
Aug 8 / By: Danielle Brizel

When was the last time you ate quietly, chewing slowly and truly savoring your food? In this article, Divya covers the importance of mindful eating and why poor eating habits can negatively affect your health.

Are Raw Foods Good For You?
Aug 8 / By: Mike Reall

Here at Divya’s, we’re often asked about Ayurveda’s perspective on raw foods. In this article, we talk about the pros and cons of eating raw dishes and snacks, how to enjoy them safely and when to avoid them altogether.

Jicama Salad with Snow Peas, Avocado, and Watercress (Khasa Salad)
Aug 1 / By: David Sleininger

Here, Divya presents a recipe from her friend and mentor Yamuna Devi.

Cooked Apple Pre-Breakfast
Jul 5 / By: divya_kitchen

Want to know the gentlest, most effective way to wake up your digestion and start the day? It’s quick, easy, and incredibly good for you (the benefits are listed at the end of this page).

Spiced Amaranth
Jun 30 / By: divya_kitchen

Amaranth is an ancient grain that’s delicious, versatile and a rich source of complete plant-based protein. Enjoy this dish as a warm breakfast cereal or as an accompaniment to cooked vegetables or salad.

An Ayurvedic Guide to Safe Sun Exposure
Jun 26 / By: Mike Reall

Summer is the time to get outside—but first, we need to know how to safely interact with the sun. In this article, we share Ayurvedic strategies for healthy, balanced sun exposure.

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